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LH Acquires Malpas Site

Leslie Homes has today acquired a site in the centre of Malpas to build a bespoke and one of kind home.

The property to be known as Motte Manor will be the company's first as a sustainable development. Solar, air source and the latest insulation technologies will all be delivered to provide the highest standard of living whilst costing less than a one bedroom apartment to run.

We are very excited at the challenge ahead and for our road on sustainable development to take the cost of living down as low as we can make it for our customers.

On our previous development a client in a 7,200 SQFt home was able to run their whole property with utility bills of no more than £150 per month at its peak.

Beautiful houses in great locations shouldn't come with large monthly outgoings. We aim to deliver these amazing properties with the lowest amount of waste and cost of utilities.


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